Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

1What is The Artisan Leaf?
The Artisan Leaf is a Wellness tea brand which was born out of a deep love for green tea and its natural healing power. It is a whole leaf green tea blends made with herbs and spices. The idea of The Artisan Leaf is to create fine-quality tea with the highest therapeutic value and distinctive flavours.
2What kind of tea are The Artisan Leaf?
The artisan leaf is a functional tea with healthy functional ingredients that are beneficial for body.
3What are herbal blend teas?
Herbal blend tea is blend of various leaves, fruits, roots, spices or flowers belonging to almost any edible and non-tea plant. Herbal teas have gained popularity due to their vibrant flavor, as well as their holistic health benefits.
4Why green tea?
Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis, the same plant that gives us black and oolong teas. All teas from Camellia sinensis supply antioxidants, but because green tea is the least processed, it is said to contain the most antioxidant polyphenols, amino acids, and vitamins (like A, C, and E) which are responsible for its many health benefits. Green tea helps in lowering blood cholesterol, boosting brain function, fighting inflammation and reducing the risk of stroke, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. It is also good for those who wish to knock off a few pounds and maintain ideal body weight.
5Does green tea keep you awake?
Green tea does more than just keep you awake, it can also make you smarter. The key active ingredient is caffeine, which is a known stimulant. ... However, green tea contains more than just caffeine. It also has the amino acid L-theanine, which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.
6How much caffeine is in green tea?
Amounts vary wildly and there are lots of variables. Caffeine can range from 30mg to 100mg, depending on the type of tea and how long it was infused. Caffeine in green tea is released to the body in a different way than coffee, so you won’t get a caffeine ‘hit’ or ‘jitters’ from tea. You can still get a little buzzed off tea if you drink a lot at once or brew it very strong.
7Does your tea contain caffeine?
Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee and black tea, but enough to produce an effect. It also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which can work synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function. A blended green tea, such as a 50-50 blend of herbs and green tea, typically contains about half the caffeine of its unblended counterpart.
8What are antioxidants?
Antioxidants can help protect cells in your body by neutralizing the damaging effects of molecules called “free radicals.” Vitamin C is most often recognized as having antioxidant qualities. Green tea naturally contains a special type of antioxidant called “flavonoids” that may account for green tea's reported health benefits.
9Do you do other styles of tea?
Nope, we specialise in green tea only. We have pure green teas containing just leaf, and also have green teas blended with other ingredients, such as organic herbs, flowers, fruits and spices.
10Why Choose The Artisan Leaf?
The Artisan Leaf believes in the direct trade approach to ensure that the revenue goes straight to our artisans who work hard to ensure that we sip the chemical-free taste of health with every cup. Our sustainable practice of minimal packaging encourages lesser carbon footprints making us a holistic brand that gives back to the environment.
11What health concerns does your tea assist with?
All of our teas are created to promote general wellbeing. If you have a specific health concern, please ensure you see a health practitioner for a tailored treatment plan.
12How many cups per day should i drink of my wellness tea?
We recommend using 2 grams per cup and 1 to 3 cups of tea per day
13How many cups of tea are made from a 50gm pack?
A 50 gram pack of our loose-leaf can yield approximately 25 – 30 cups of tea.
14How many times can i steep/infuse the tea?
Nearly all of our whole leaf teas and herbal infusions can be infused at least twice.
15Do you sell your blends in teabags?
We do not sell tea in teabags, as we try to minimise the environmental impact of our teas.
16Why are Loose Leafs teas better than tea bags ?
When steeped, fine tea leaves release more tannins as they have room to expand for full flavor, which is very highly unlikely in the case of tea bags.
17Is your tea organic?
Yes, we only use 100% organically grown and the best-quality ingredients to blend our teas. This means there will never be anything unnatural in your cup (and that goes for sweeteners and flavorings too).
18Are your teas gluten/dairy-free?
Yes, all our teas are gluten and dairy free.
19Do your Teas Contain Artificial Ingredients/Flavours/Colours?
No! Our Teas only contain natural ingredients.
20Do your products contain allergens?
No! However it’s made in facility that processes nut
21Can children use your teas?
All of our products are formulated for adult bodies and we don’t recommend their use by children, unless first consulting with the child’s healthcare practitioner.
22Are your teas safe to drink during pregnancy?
Even though our teas are made using natural and organic ingredients, we do recommend checking in with your health practitioner about what’s right for your pregnancy.
23What is the shelf life of tea?
Typically, the shelf life of a sealed packaged tea could last from 12 month to 36 months. However, the shelf life of a loose leaf tea is shorter because it can easily absorb moisture, if not stored properly.
24What is the right way to store loose leaf teas?
The Oxygen in the air tends to impact the shelf life of tea leading to the degradation of its nutritional composition. Storing your loose leaf teas in an airtight container is advisable, at optimum room temperature.
25Is your packaging bio-degradable?
Our tea boxes are bio-degradable as well as compostable. Our packaging is designed to ensure the freshest product possible for our customers. As a brand, we constantly try to push the envelope to become more eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.
26Are your boxes recyclable?
Yes. Our boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials and can be recycled again once you've enjoyed all of the tea.
27Do we offer wholesale?
Yes! Please contact us at [email protected] for further information.
28Where does the artisan leaf source its tea?
We source our teas from the finest tea producers in India.
29Where are the artisan tea blended?
The artisan leaf, together with a master tea blender, makes unique, handcrafted tea blends here in New Delhi.
30Where can I purchase the artisan leaf tea?
The artisan leaf teas are available only online at present, you can find us at and and of course on our website.